"RBT" is the personalized RBT service of MTNL. It is a service that is customized by the callee to replace the ordinary RBT service and provide the caller with a sweet-sounding RBT or a greeting. With the "RBT", the people who call you can enjoy music. For example, a campus RBT will remind your former classmates and the life you live through together; a Waltz will relax the mood of your boss who might call you for an emergency; a traditional Chinese RBT at each holiday will surprise all your friends......The thoughtful RBT service can fully display your personalities and make the simple communication full of interest.

Service application

You can apply for RBT service by sending short message "sub" to 56262 or login to RBT web or ringing 626.

Service usage

You can download tunes, set the caller number into groups and play different RBTs for different Calling Groups. You can divide the caller numbers into 20 groups at most online. If the caller numbers are not divided into groups, all subscribers who call you will hear the same RBT;

Customization and change of the RBT

Dial 626 to customize and change the RBT

The 626 voice flow provides 10 RBTs for selection. The setting and change of the RBT take effect instantly.
The RBT provided in the voice flow is updated frequently

Customize and change the RBT on the website
On the website of MTNL (DELHI), you can customize and change the RBT, the caller number groups and the RBTs for different groups.
Thousands of RBTs are provided online and updated frequently for customers


Since Oct. 1, 2003, we began to charge the subscribers the monthly fee and the information fee for using the RBT

Monthly fee of the RBT service

25 Rs/month . Upon successful subscription, the subscriber is charged the monthly fee of the RBT. The monthly fee is charged no matter the service is subscribed in the first or second half month.

RBT information fee
At present, the information fee is charged according to the subscribed RBT. The subscribed RBT is recorded in the personal RBT database. No fee is charged for setting in the personal database. The information fee of each RBT varies with the content and type of the RBT.

Introduction to the background RBT
The background RBT accompanies the subscriber's DIY RBT

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